What I did not tweet from Poetry by the Sea

Almost passed out during Claire Rossini’s poem about dissecting an albino squirrel

What percentage of poets would absolutely love their reading to knock an audience member unconscious?

Seymour Lipset via Claire Rossini: Those who know only one country know no country

Dolores Hayden: All but death can be adjusted

Meena Alexander: We have poetry so we do not die of history

Alice Friman on listening to music during an MRI “when the only itch you’re allowed to scratch is the bite of memory”

Alice Friman just taught the audience how to rumba #Poetrybythe Seagettingreallycrazynow

Alice Friman is my new best friend

#HolyOlio Alice Friman and Tyehimba Jess make an unlikely but transcendent pair of readers

Rafael Campo was invited to read poems in Singapore as long as he agreed to not to speak about race, sexuality, or religion

After seeing Jon Tribble’s next book cover (giant chicken) I’ve resolved not to write another poetry book until I’ve chosen a retro comics cover illustration first

Anna Lena Phillips Bell: I hadn’t known there was anything as old and weird as old time Appalachian music

Can you see the skunk? Spirit of Robert Lowell dropping by

John Foy on poets mangling creatures with lawnmowers: why SO many dead animal poems at this conference?

Long Island Sound is jingling shells in its pockets

Johnny Damme: It’s all pop now

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