Essays and Interviews

“Taking Poetry Personally,” American Poetry Review (forthcoming 2021)

“Hurry Up Please Its Time,” Modernism/ modernity, #MeToo and Modernism (September 2020)

“White Rice: Teaching in the Confederacy” in Waxwing (Spring 2020)

The Drum podcast (April 2020)

“10 Questions”: interview in Massachusetts Review (Spring 2020).

“Women Stay Put.” Crab Orchard Review Vol. 22, 2018. Also featured on Poetry Daily.

“Space-Time: Walking Around in Paula Meehan’s ‘Death of a Field.'” Ecotone 19 (Spring 2015): 31-39.

“Undead Eliot: How ‘The Waste Land’ Sounds Now.” Poetry 204.5 (September 2014): 467-479.

“A New Walk.” Forging a Rewarding Career in the Humanities: Advice for Academics (Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2014). Ed. Karla P. Zepeda and Ellen Mayock.

“Coffee with Poets in New Zealand.” Gettysburg Review Summer 26.2.221-9 (Summer 2013). Poetry Daily prose feature for week of May 27th, 2013.

“The Dinosaurs Are Breeding.” Verse Wisconsin 112, “Parents & Children” (Fall 2013).

“Rhymes with Poetess” in The Kenyon Review Online, Summer 2011

Interview: Garden of Words with Frances Donovan, 2015

Radio New Zealand, 2011 

Woman-Stirred Radio with Merry Gangemi, 2009

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