Essays and Interviews

“Reading as an Apprentice Time Traveler: A Lesson in Close Reading and in Writing Time,” Poets & Writers (September 2022, print)

“Lesley Wheeler Shares How to Take Poetry Personally” by Angela Yeh at DIY MFA (August 2022)

PastForward micro-podcast on Poetry’s Possible Worlds (August 2022)

“Brave Words,” Poets & Writers (May 2022)

“A Conversation Between Ashley M. Jones and Lesley Wheeler,” The Adroit (January 2022)

“Closure, Irresolution, and Cynthia Hogue’s ‘At Delphi,’” The Account (December 2021)

“Taking Poetry Personally,” American Poetry Review (November 2021)

“Hurry Up Please Its Time,” Modernism/ modernity, #MeToo and Modernism (September 2020)

“White Rice: Teaching in the Confederacy” in Waxwing (Spring 2020)

The Drum podcast (April 2020)

“10 Questions”: interview in Massachusetts Review (Spring 2020).

“Women Stay Put.” Crab Orchard Review Vol. 22, 2018. Also featured on Poetry Daily.

“Space-Time: Walking Around in Paula Meehan’s ‘Death of a Field.’” Ecotone 19 (Spring 2015): 31-39.

“Undead Eliot: How ‘The Waste Land’ Sounds Now.” Poetry 204.5 (September 2014): 467-479.

“A New Walk.” Forging a Rewarding Career in the Humanities: Advice for Academics (Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2014). Ed. Karla P. Zepeda and Ellen Mayock.

“Coffee with Poets in New Zealand.” Gettysburg Review Summer 26.2.221-9 (Summer 2013). Poetry Daily prose feature for week of May 27th, 2013.

“The Dinosaurs Are Breeding.” Verse Wisconsin 112, “Parents & Children” (Fall 2013).

“Rhymes with Poetess” in The Kenyon Review Online, Summer 2011

Interview: Garden of Words with Frances Donovan, 2015

Radio New Zealand, 2011 

Woman-Stirred Radio with Merry Gangemi, 2009

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