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  • Poetry’s Possible Worlds for pre-order–so there, Three of Cups reversed!

    One great thing this week: Poetry’s Possible Worlds arrived at the distributor, so you can pre-order it from SPD! This is particularly excellent because of the great thing NEXT week: the first book launch event! Virginia’s Poet Laureate was kind enough to connect me to the Muse Writers Center, which is hosting a virtual event […]

  • Haunted and weird poetry: a lesson plan

    My visiting writer gig at Randolph College started yesterday. As the Pearl S. Buck Writer in Residence (virtually), I’m teaching a 4-session workshop each Thursday night in February, 7-9pm. There are only 4 members, all advanced poetry students, so it’s a pretty nice gig. The topic is “Haunted and Weird,” since the organizer told me […]

  • Augurations

    Auguration   Allegedly, spring will come again. January’s collusion with the Russians remains unverified. Sources cannot confirm that although the horizon’s padded shoulder blocks the sun, it is gathering intelligence and will dawn at the appropriate time. Citizens hunker in the patchy snow and wonder. Is whiteness receding? What does it mean, that pink rumor […]