Month: September 2020

  • Short-lined sonnets

    One relatively rare variation on the sonnet form involves very short lines. Meter may be faintly present or not at all in these poems, but line number/ structure/ rhyme look familiar. I’ve always loved Elizabeth Bishop’s “Sonnet,” a poem in this mode written late in her career and published in the New Yorker three weeks […]

  • 6 month birthday for THE STATE SHE’S IN (time does not exist)

    6 month birthday for THE STATE SHE’S IN (time does not exist)

    I recently ordered a 2021 calendar–I favor a portable Moleskine number–but, with heavy-handed symbolism, the order keeps being delayed. I’m a planner by temperament and I SO wish I could anticipate my future doings again. Not possible. It’s all clouds. For the near term, all a calendar-minded person can do is brainstorm short-term ways to […]

  • Hope, in spite of and because of

    I felt really blue about dropping my youngest off for his second year of college, so I self-medicated by putting my head down and writing for long hours each day. The west coast on fire, more anti-Black violence, high infection rates–it’s not easy to pay attention and help in little ways without becoming self-destructively obsessed. […]