Month: October 2016

  • Ligeia’s fleas

    The following fragment was received telepathically from our feline boarder Poe on October 27th, Black Cat Day, about a month after my mother-in-law’s cat joined the household. I cannot, for my soul, remember how or when I became aware of Female’s* residence in the empty bedroom. Or, perhaps, I cannot now bring these points to mind, […]

  • More on Diversity in Creative Writing Programs (updated 11/3/16)

    Last March, I published this list of resources addressing how to make Creative Writing programs more inclusive at the programming and curricular level. Since then, good things have happened. David Haynes has formed an AWP Committee on Inclusion for which I’m serving as librarian, until a list of resources can be posted on the AWP web […]

  • Political poem

    Credit Put that on Lesley’s tab, jokes the mayoral candidate on line in front of me at the supermarket, waking me from daydreams about a free-range chicken roasting at home, good bread and arugula. I laugh, ask if he’ll be watching—his own debate is soon. We exchange words, each coin stamped with accord about the […]

  • Fever dreams, Pound, & Shenandoah

    Last week, I wished for an energy display icon on my forehead. Uh-oh, Lesley’s at 12% and has entered low-battery mode, expect her to be dim. Honestly, I’m not sure how I got through all my classes as well as giving a guest lecture and two weekend readings. I fear I said weird things, and I know […]