Month: August 2015

  • Women on the radio

    Broadcast, by Zayneb Allak It’s about loneliness. A woman from Birmingham tells us about the time she was lonely. When I left Birmingham the Bull Ring was still ashen. I remember it in the slush: a lady in a pink and gold sari with a grey anorak over the top dragged blue and white plastic […]

  • Mess, noise, static

    “The derecho felled my father, I mean my maple tree”: that’s a line from my forthcoming book,┬áRadioland.┬áMy desk at home faces a large old maple, and beyond that Myers St., and beyond that House Mountain. A storm cleaved the tree, however, during the summer of 2012, about a month after my father died. Half the […]

  • Elephant blessing

    On Sunday afternoon I took a bubble bath–I know, tough life–during which I was visited by an apparition. My spouse and kids say I overheated myself, and I did emerge flushed bright-red and a little dizzy, but I swear I spent that half-hour with an elephant made of bubbles. This wasn’t just a heap of […]