Month: June 2015

  • Lines Composed in Bath a Few Days After Visiting Tintern Abbey

    Lines Composed in Bath a Few Days After Visiting Tintern Abbey and Also Nottingham, Coleford, Netheravon, and Miscellaneous Places Viewed Accidentally Because We Forgot to Reserve a Car with Sat-Nav and Had No Map. June 22, 2015. Twenty-six years have passed!–two advanced degrees, two mortgages, two beauteous teens raised to height if not to wisdom […]

  • Flashing through spacetime

    In theory, in two days, all this year’s schoolwork will be in recycling bins on the curb, I’ll be the parent of a rising high schooler and a rising first-year college student, and we’ll all be flying towards an English city full of ancient Roman ruins where my spouse is already teaching a fiction-writing class […]

  • Do I contradict myself?–creatically crititive

    The relationship between critical and creative practice is: Chalk and cheese, apples and oranges, oil and water: i.e. recipe for a bellyache A tricky but fruitful alternation with, at best, one kind of labor generating ideas and energy for the other [Insert metaphor for fatal competition here—“Two Cats of Kilkenny” comes to mind] Identical—there is […]