Month: April 2015

  • Memorializing enslaved people at Washington and Lee

    My seriously talented students are justifiably proud of their liberal arts college. The academic opportunities are excellent. Professors are dedicated to working closely with undergraduates in small classes and frequent office hours. The campus itself is lovely, staffed by friendly people, set in a charming small town, and surrounded by soft blue mountains. So the […]

  • AWP Haiku

    Note to future self:/ skip panels on publishing/ and self-promotion. I used to wonder/ how to break in. Now I want/ to write good. Backwards? Rita Dove talking/ about anything is worth/ ten hummus buffets. That’s as far as I got with seventeen-syllable crystallizations of my experience at this year’s annual meeting of the Association […]

  • Teaching Claudia Rankine’s Citizen

    Teaching a single-author poetry book is a different enterprise than assigning poems from an anthology. There’s a lot more information to sift and process: the future greatest hits are interspersed with poems that may be harder to absorb; ordering, epigraphs, and subsections suggest new meanings; there’s an arc to read for, a set of through-lines […]